A wish can be an elusive thing to hold onto, slipping away like the sands of an hourglass or the ticking seconds of a clock. But if you gaze into the clock face at precisely 11:11 and dream with all your heart, wishes can come true. See a whisper blossom into reality, and express the true wishes of your heart with 11:11 flowers; gorgeous arrangements and bouquets that stir the passions and mesmerise the senses. A beautiful collection embodies all the breathtaking variety of the natural world, and the endless imagination of the human spirit. 11:11 flowers are for the romantic suitor courting his sweetheart, the blushing bride on her wedding day, and the interior decorator expressing beauty through space. Behind every special occasion and captivating interior there is a wish, and behind every wish there is a uniquely exquisite 11:11 design just waiting to be made real.