Green Agent Car Rental

Green Agent Rent A Car aims to turn Dubai into a green city and contribute to a cleaner environment for the future generations. One of the main contributors to air pollution is the fuel emission from cars. Our aim is to introduce the use of electric and hybrid cars by renting such cars to the residents and visitors of Dubai as an alternative to the standard vehicles currently being rented by all other car rental companies in the city. We provide the opportunity to experience the Electric Vehicle and Hybrid technology for customers who are simply curious, those who are considering buying an eco-friendly vehicle and those who want a friendly, sustainable car rental option .We offer competitive rates, excellent customer service and an environment friendly mode of transport for a better tomorrow in the form of renting out electric and hybrid vehicles. On top of that we also rent motorbikes and scooters as a fun and economical way to explore the streets and attractions of Dubai. Green Agent Rent A Car is the logical choice to move around, save money and fight pollution.