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WOW Kids Amusement Arcade (WOW Kids) is where innovation meets fun! It is an incredible custom-designed, highly secure family edutainment center created to engage children ages 0-14 in a variety of activities, including physical, interactive and imaginative play. A mixture of physical, imaginative and digital play with events and interactive show program options makes WOW Kids the big thing in family fun! Special attention is paid to women’s programs, when mums while waiting children can gain useful skills, knowledge and socialization in WOW Ladies Club.

WOW Ladies Club
The mission of Wow Ladies Club is to provide regular themed gathering of fabulous people (read sassy ladies) to indulge in what we deem to be the finest things of life: compelling conversations among friends – old and new, gaining new experience through various classes, programs and workshops, and finally – precious me-time. Never forget: You are one and only undiscovered treasure!

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