Crystal Planet

We are the first and only jewelry company in the Middle East who specialize in working directly with miners, mining companies, geologists, and gemologists from all over the world in order to create our own top quality 100% Natural Semi Precious and Precious Gemstone jewelry. By working directly with the source we keep our quality standards high and our prices as affordable as possible so that everyone can enjoy nature's glorious creations.

Our Semi Precious Gemstones are set in 925 pure solid silver while our Precious Gems can be purchased as loose gems for the purpose of custom jewelry designing. Readymade Precious Gemstone jewelry is available as well in solid 925 pure silver or 18K solid gold.

Each of our shops has an endless variety of products to choose from and we provide very generous discounts on a regular basis.

We are also the first in the entire Middle East to professionally sell original 100% Natural Fossils inside shopping malls. Each one is fully certified by Fossil experts known as Paleontologists and there is a wide range of ancient animals to choose from.

At Crystal Planet we care very much about exceptional and unmatched customer service. Educating customers and the public about natural history, the world of gemstones, and how to purchase Precious Gems at the right price is extremely important to us. We hope that you fully enjoy your shopping experience at Crystal Planet and experience Gemstone shopping at its very best, the way it's supposed to be.

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The Mall
P.O.Box: 53909,Umm Suqeim 3,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Weekdays from 8AM - 10PM
Weekends from 8AM - 12AM
+971 43 48 48 48