Chocolat Elephant Dor

At Elephant D’Or you buy the most delicious comfits. It is incomparable pleasure. The candies are produced with on the most modern equipment in Belgium by a famous local chocolate maker and shipped in a special packing to UAE. The gourmet handmade comfits are available in our local chocolate store at The Mall, as well as in our online store.

As a top chocolate candy maker, we use modern technology to keep the properties of cocoa beans and their components active. And of course we take care of the quality of the ingredients. Our candies are so delicious that it exceeded all expectations. This is confirmed by numerous clients’s reviews.

After cooking, the it ripens in special cooling cabinets, where the temperature drops by 0.5 degrees every hour. In the meantime, the chocolate candy maker packs them in a special craft paper with a metallized inner layer. It protects sweets from light, moisture and other external influences. ?? That is why comfits come to you with the preservation of all the beneficial properties.

If you would like to try out the delicious taste of candies come to our store at the Mall Dubai, take a look at these delicious dessert pieces and choose your favorite ones.

Also you can order fresh sweets online with delivery. We ship the boxes of happiness all around the Dubai. Shopping online gives other advantages, such as saving time, you can order a delivery right to home.?? Try real sweets and your life will never be the same.

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