• Tao Cosmetics

    An oasis of peace and serenity in the centre of a fast paced city; Tao spa reflects the Taoism philosophy, where you discover a set of rituals to enhance the ...Read More
  • Queen B Perfumes

    At Queen B, we cater for the traditional and modern fragrances to the middle east perfume lovers.We use natural oils, originated from France and Japan as raw materials rather than ...Read More
  • Rethab Al Nahel

    From the mountains, from the flowers and the profound jungle. Rethab Al Nahel specialise to present you the best raw Yemeni honey in the world.
  • Eleven Eleven Flower Boutique

    A wish can be an elusive thing to hold onto, slipping away like the sands of an hourglass or the ticking seconds of a clock. But if you gaze into ...Read More
  • Pix N Fix

    Pix N Fix is in the business of breathing life into your images. Give them your favorite digital images, those treasured photos or just about any artwork and they will transform those into art ...Read More
  • WOW Kids Amusement Arcade

    WOW Kids Amusement Arcade (WOW Kids) is where innovation meets fun! It is an incredible custom-designed, highly secure family edutainment center created to engage children ages 0-14 in a variety ...Read More